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Songlines picks "Splendor" as one of the 10 best CDs of 2012!
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The Broken Sound, a feature-length documentary about The Other Europeans, is now available! Watch or download it online or order the DVD directly from this website!

Dear Friends & Supporters!
We just played three wonderful concerts in Helsinki - one by the klezmer ensemble, one by the lautar ensemble, and one all together. Many, many thanks to Eva Jacobs, her family and her friends and associates for making this all happen. Everyone in the band felt very welcome and appreciated in Helsinki.
We sold out of the CDs we brought with us, but you can order the CD right here on this website directly below. A little below that is the link to the feature-length documentary film about The Other Europeans, "The Broken Sound." It can also be ordered directly from this website. Thanks to all friends and fans of the band! We hope to see you again soon!

Warmest regards,
Alan Bern, director, The Other Europeans
SPLENDOR! Prize-winning, live double-CD. ***** Songlines.
THE BROKEN SOUND! Feature-length documentary film, shot on location in Moldova, Israel, Budapest, Vienna, Weimar and more, NOW AVAILABLE!

>> Watch or download online or order the DVD

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